Bronze and Wildlife Sculptor Rosie Sturgis

I’m Rosie Sturgis. For more than two decades I have been sculpting in bronze and other materials, and exhibited my work both locally and overseas. For quite some time my focus has been on wildlife sculptures in bronze, some of which have gained critical acclaim.

On this website I’d like to share my work with you, casting my net globally rather than just in my two countries of residence: South Africa and the United Kingdom.

How it all started? Well, I joined a small, private pottery class . Of course I wanted to make a large bowl right away. I centred the huge lump of clay on the wheel, and in no time it got the wobbles and I had to cut the excess away. Now for a medium sized bowl! But it got the wobbles again, and so it went on. Spin, wobbly, cut, spin, wobbly cut, until I ended up with enough clay to make an egg cup. So I picked up the excess clay off the floor and made a lizard. And that’s how I got into sculpture.

I hope you will enjoy your stay on this website. If you are interested in obtaining a sculpture or have any other questions, I’d be delighted to hear from you.


mammals flyer by rosie sturgis